Five Reasons Why You Need a Great Tree Surgeon

Tree surgery is definitely an understated and underrated element of garden care. Despite the comically grandiose name, tree surgery does do a lot more for trees than reshape them. With so many different virulent tree diseases running rife across Britain, utilizing a great surgery service can be a case of life and death for your trees. Beyond the health elements, you’ve really got to remember what trees do for your garden. They frame it, shelter it, and shape it, as well as providing shelter for essential wildlife like birds and insects, without which the rest of your garden will struggle to truly flourish. Although you might not see the value in hiring a great quality tree surgeon, we’re here to convince you otherwise, here are five reasons why you need a great tree surgeon for your garden.

Revamp Your Garden

                Trees can be huge, unbound and domineering walls of green that overpower your garden, or they can border, shape and divide the space effectively, giving you a peaceful and tranquil area to relax and spend time. Plenty of research has been done on the calming effects of trees and nature, and it’s not to be sniffed at, trees really do make a garden. Getting high quality tree surgeons in can guarantee you well shaped trees that cradle and form your garden, leaving you with the best space possible.

Privacy and Security

                As well as the obvious beauty and other benefits of having trees around, as giant solid blocks of greenery, they block sound, including road noise, and provide great privacy for an otherwise exposed garden. Enjoy sunbathing or the occasional summertime paddling pool, but feel your gardens a little too exposed? You need some well-shaped and tactically placed trees, so you can enjoy your garden to its fullest potential.


                Okay, so you might find yourself thinking; well, so what, cutting trees up, easy! You’d be wrong. Obviously if we’re talking about a little baby sapling tree, you’re probably not going to have too much DIY trouble, beyond accidentally killing the tree, but with a  huge oak or similar you’re going to have to do some climbing. Have you ever tried climbing a tree without the specialised miniature chainsaw and climbing harness? Not to be recommended! Safety always comes first, no one enjoys falling out of trees.

Another element of safety is making sure trees are completely solid and healthy. A hefty tree branch can easily destroy a roof, write off a car or seriously injure someone. Beyond that, you’re got to bear root structures in mind, they can be disastrous for a house’s concrete foundations. House or garage repairs can end up being costly, so getting a qualified tree surgeon in to do a great, safe and reliable job in can be a really bright idea.

Maintain and Optimise Garden Health

                Across the UK over the last few years there has been an epidemic of potentially deadly tree diseases destroying and ruining out forests. These diseases can affect your trees too and getting tree surgeons in can help to deal with this. Trees also present habitats for birds, squirrels and insects, all of which are essential for a truly beautiful and thriving garden.